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Search in Project

Windows : CTRL + SHIFT + F
macOS : CTRL + SHIFT + F

It allows you to perform search  operation inside your current project.

Android Studio shortcut

Optimize import

Windows : CTRL + ALT + O
macOS : CMD + ALT + O

It will delete unnecessary and unused imports, however you can also enable this setting from preferences -> Editor -> General -> Auto import -> Optimize import on fly

Android Studio shortcut

Issue Quick Fix

Windows : ALT + ENTER

It will suggest you to quick fix your compile time errors.

Android Studio shortcut

Line Comment

Windows : CTRL + /
macOS : CMD + /

It will comment/uncomment your current line.

Android Studio shortcut

Block Comment

Windows : CTRL + SHIFT + /
macOS : CTRL + SHIFT + /

It will comment/uncomment selected block of code.

Android Studio shortcut

Method Parameter

Windows : CTRL + P
macOS : CMD + P

shows you all available parameter of method/function.

Android Studio shortcut

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