Làm việc hiệu quả hơn trên android studio phần 2

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Change Signature

Windows : CTRL + F6
macOS : CMD + FN + F6

It allows you to change signature of your class as well as method. You can add method parameter and its datatype.

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Replace in path

Windows : CTRL + SHIFT + R
macOS : CTRL + SHIFT + R

It allows you to replace text in your module, app, single directory or custom place.

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Navigation Between Files

Windows : CTRL + TAB
macOS : CTRL + TAB

It allows you to navigate between your opened files.

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Start New Line

Windows : SHIFT + ENTER

No matters where is your cursor currently, whether at starting of line, end of line or inbetween in word, it will add new line and cursor will be moved to new line.

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Move to Class

Windows : CTRL + N
macOS :  CMD + N

Allows you to move to class, it can be user defined class or any java class.

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Move to File

Windows : CTRL + SHIFT + N
macOS : CMD + SHIFT + N

Allows you to open any file including non-project files.

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Lookup Recent Files

Windows : CTRL + E
macOS : CMD + E

shows you the list of files recently opened.

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GoTo Line

Windows : CTRL + G
macOS : CMD + G

allows you to move to line of specified line number.

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Last Edited Location


Allows you to move to last edited location.

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