Fast and Efficient way to transfer images between Activites in Android

We often need to transfer images between activities.

Well there are many methods to transfer images.

  1. You can make the image into a Base64 String and pass it as String argument extra in a bundle between activities
  2. You can save it to a disc and read it in the other activity.

Well, these methods will always work, but what could be the fastest and efficient solution.

Here is it. Just make a singleton class and set the image in a variable in it.

How to Do?

I am having a singleton class named “BitmapSingleton” which has a image variable with a setter and getter method.

Singleton Class

public class BitmapSingleton {
    private Bitmap image = null;
    private static final BitmapSingleton instance = new BitmapSingleton();
    public static BitmapSingleton getInstance() {
        return instance;
    private BitmapSingleton() {
    public Bitmap getBitmap() {
        return image;
    public void setBitmap(Bitmap image) {
        this.image = image;

For sending images between activities…

From activity A -> BitmapSingleton.getInstance().setBitmap(bitmap);

From activity B -> BitmapSingleton.getInstance().getBitmap(bitmap);

After you use it, you should do BitmapSingleton.getInstance().setBitmap(null); in activity B.

All done.

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